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Membership in REIA is one of the most important ingredients to your success as a Real Estate Investor. Some of the benefits of being a Member of the Real Estate Investors Association of Washington are listed below.

REIA Memberships are available to investors of all levels of education and experience and the businesses we utilize in our growing investing businesses. Memberships types include individual, honorably discharged US Veterans and Active Duty Military, single and multi-person businesses and more.

All Members of REIA are automatically Members of all REIA Chapters. You can see us at Everett REIA Chapter, REIA Commercial and Multi-Family Chapter and Tacoma REIA Chapter.

Businesses, you are an important part of all of our investing endeavors. Look below for the types of Business Memberships available at REIA and visit the Advertise With REIA page for additional information.

If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at, 425-454-1922 or 1-877-454-REIA.

Is REIA Membership right for you?

REIA Membership is ideal for those looking for information, education and networking - including team building - in real estate investing and general business and those support businesses with products and services for the General Membership. Goals of REIA Members range from generating income through wholesaling and flips to building long-term wealth to creating the enjoyment that comes with passive income and financial freedom. 

All levels of experience are welcome at REIA. "Pre-newbies" just starting, full and part-time investors and seasoned investors. Members invest, or aspire to invest, in virtually all areas of residential and commercial real estate investing and can benefit at REIA. Ready to join now? If you are, click the link below. If not, read on! If you still have questions, just give us a call or drop an email. We are happy to help you begin or excel on your journey to success in real estate investing.

Join REIA!

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All REIA Memberships

Included is simply the best real estate investing education and networking in the area - at least according to REIA Members!  REIA typically hosts 70+ events per year including the REIA Main Meeting, REIA Semi-Annual Networking Events, REIA Continuing Education classes, Everett REIA Chapter, REIA Commercial & Multi-Family Chapter, Tacoma REIA Chapter, Real Estate Round Table, Wholesalers Round Table, Commercial Deal Makers lunch and the REIA Master Mind Discussion Group Meeting. REIA utilizes some of the best speakers available, many of whom can be found on the current, future and historical REIA Calendar of Events. REIA Events keep education and networking at the forefront with hype and bank-breaking speakers selling their wares out of the mix.  

Visit the REIA Meetings & Classes web page for additional information or come to one of the many REIA Events on schedule. Current REIA Members are encouraged to take advantage of the REIA Ambassador Program for savings on Annual Dues or REIA Classes with our thanks for your referrals! 

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REIA Member Benefits


REIA Members enjoy REIA Member Benefits that are discounts on products and services to use in your business that your entire family can sometimes benefit from. Additional benefits are added frequently, currently including savings on LLC creation from one law firm and up to 20% on legal services from other law firms, savings on template real estate contracts from a local real estate attorney, up to 50% off on nationwide Registered Agent Service for your LLC or other entity, savings on hard and soft money loan fees from several lenders, reduced brokerage fees, reduced fees, rebates and assistance with comps from Real Estate Brokers, REO and shadow inventory directory, feasibility studies, construction of ADUs, many benefits from contractors and more! 


U.S. Active Duty Military and Veterans can visit our Military & Veteran page for additional savings!


How much is it costing you to go it alone?


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Compare REIA Membership Plans

Individual Membership

One Individual Member. Annual Dues $169

Includes one individual within the Membership Plan and all of the benefits outlined above.

Dual Membership

Two Individual Members.  Annual Dues $229

Includes two individuals residing at the same household within the Membership Plan and all of the benefits outlined above for each Member.

Join REIA!

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Veterans and Active Duty Military

One Individual Member. Annual Dues $149

Two Individual Members.  Annual Dues $212

REIA Members who are honorably discharged U.S. Military Veterans or U.S. Active Duty Military, and one member of their household, can save about 10% on their Annual Membership Dues and take at least one complimentary REIA Class every year! You must provide a copy of your DD 214 or other proof of service at the time of joining or when changing to a Military / Veteran Membership. Visit the Military & Veteran page for additional information.

Each Member in an Individual or Dual Military / Veterans Membership can take

one complimentary evening or Saturday class every year, a value of up to $99!

Thank you for your service and sacrifices.

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Charter and Long-Time REIA Memberships

Both Charter and Long-Time REIA Memberships are discounted as a thank you for your ongoing support!

New Charter Memberships are no longer available. Current Charter Members enjoy a discount of about 20% off of their Annual Dues.

Long-Time Memberships are available and will have a discount of about 20% applied to their Annual Dues. This Membership is automatically applied for Individual and Dual Members, including Veterans and Active Duty Military, who have had uninterrupted Membership for five years or more.

How does that work for our Active Duty Military and Veterans? You maintain your Military / Veteran perks but your Annual Dues are reduced by, approximately, an additional 10%.

Watch for periodic discounts on classes or other perks

that are only available to REIA Charter and Long-Time REIA Members!

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Business Membership

One Business, One Member, Annual Dues $299

One Business, Up to Three Members, Annual Dues $339


Includes one to three individuals of the same business and location, subject to your choice of Membership Plans, and all of the benefits outlined above for each Member. Click here to view additional Business Membership benefits including the opportunity to promote your business in the REIA Business Associates Directory, on the REIA website and much, much more. Visit the Advertise With REIA web page or contact us for additional information.


Additional Members from the same business may be added to the

Standard, Three Member, Membership with associated Annual Dues of $99 per person.


Join REIA!


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To Apply for Membership in REIA 


Simply complete your Membership Application online by clicking here. A REIA Volunteer will typically contact you by phone within two business days to process your Membership and welcome you to REIA! 


If you prefer to apply for Membership at a REIA Meeting or Event, please register your attendance through the related Calendar page as a Non-Member and visit our Information Table at the event. We will remove all Guest Event Fees from your registration and take it from there. Please note that Guest Event Fees cannot be waived or reduced to Member pricing after the day or evening of a Meeting or other Event. All new and renewing Memberships are subject to approval and our posted REIA Member and Guest Policies. 


REIA Membership Badges for all new and renewing REIA Members

 are available at the next Main or Chapter Meeting at the Information Table.


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Thank you for your interest in REIA!

Join REIA Today!

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