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REIA, the Real Estate Investors Association of Washington, is a Real Estate Investor Association catering to many investor interests and experience levels. We recognize that many active duty personnel are developing their post-service income sources and many veterans are looking to start or develop their real estate investing endeavors. We are grateful for your service and sacrifices and want to do all we can to help you succeed!

To qualify for a REIA Military / Veteran Membership you must provide a copy of your DD 214, Proof of Service letter, Statement of Service or other proof of service at the time of joining or renewal with your Social Security Number, if displayed, removed. The Department of Defense website may be a resource for those who do not have their information readily available or those currently serving. Both Honorable and Medical discharges are accepted.

While Military Discounts typically cannot be combined with most other discounts they can be combined with a Long Time Membership for those who maintain an uninterrupted Membership for five years or more. How do those benefits work together? You maintain your annual complimentary class but enjoy lower Membership Dues that in line with Charter Memberships.

Your Membership is also available to one additional member of your household if you select a Military / Veteran Dual Membership.  We recognize and appreciate the sacrifices your families make and do not require more than one Member within your Dual Membership to be in current, or past, service in the military. Benefits of your Membership extend to both of you within your REIA Membership.

Active Duty Military and Veterans Save at REIA

REIA Military / Veteran Members receive a 10% discount on their Annual Membership Dues for themselves, and on Dual Memberships for themselves and one member of their household. Once your service is confirmed by REIA your Annual Dues for an Individual Military / Veteran Membership is $149 while Annual Dues for a Dual Military / Veteran Membership is $212.

REIA Military / Veteran Members, including everyone on Dual Military / Veteran Memberships, each have a complimentary class attached to their REIA Membership/s on Veterans Day of for use anytime on or after Veterans Day. The class you take on us is completely your choice and is available for any class we offer. We also periodically offer a complimentary class of our choosing, typically near Memorial Day or Independence Day, as we continue to honor our Military and Veterans beyond Veterans Day throughout the year. .

Finally, we have an ongoing Ambassador Program that applies to all REIA Members, including our Military & Veterans! When your referrals join REIA as new Members you get *REIA Bucks* starting at $50 each that be can be applied to classes or your next Membership renewal.

REIA Membership includes complimentary admittance to most REIA events along with access to the Member-only REIA Forum, discounts on classes and workshops, discounts on goods and services from many REIA Business Members in our online Business Associates Directory, useful articles, webinars and much more. For details visit the REIA Membership Options page of this website.

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To Apply for Membership in REIA

Simply complete your REIA Membership Application online and provide a fax or email copy of your DD214. Please redact (black out) your Social Security Number before sending the documents. Please do not send your Common Access Card or Military Identification Card. If you are currently serving please give us a call and we will be happy to help you get verified.

A REIA Volunteer will typically contact you by phone within two business days to process your Membership and welcome you to REIA! 

Salute to our Troops!

Your service and sacrifices

 are gratefully appreciated.

Thank you.

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REIA only works with facilities that are handicapped accessible. 

Please visit the REIA Meetings and Classes page on this website for additional information.

REIA only works with facilities that are Handicapped Accessible

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